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Lislagan Primary School, Ballymoney



The Principal and staff of Lislagan Primary School have reviewed and revised the school aims in order to ensure that they encourage the stakeholders to become confident, active, critical thinkers who are empowered and ready to embrace all aspects of learning, cognitive, emotional and physical.

Lislagan Primary School recognise the six vital ingredients that can empower or detract from learning:

•   Physical Safety

•   Emotional Safety

•   Identity

•  Affiliation

•  Competence

•  Mission

The six areas identified are the foundation for the ethos of Lislagan Primary School.

Physical Safety

Freedom from physical harm is a fundamental human right for all and in our school we value this right and strive to provide a safe and secure environment where the stakeholders can learn in a situation free from physical harm, danger or threat.

We have a current Child Protection Policy in place and the Designated/Deputy Designated Teachers monitor the implementation of the policy.

Emotional Safety

In Lislagan we are constantly researching and adjusting our thinking and practice throughout the organisation to ensure there is an absence of fear and intimidation for all.  We are however aware that in order for this to happen we must ensure that we are an ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ organisation where all stakeholders have the competencies needed to promote emotional intelligent learning:

•  Awareness of emotions in self

•  Regulating emotions in self

•  Empathising and working the emotions of others


The “who am I?” factor is crucial in helping stakeholders develop a set of attitudes, beliefs and values and develop independence, self-esteem and self-confidence. To assist in this development we will endeavour to offer opportunity for success through a wide variety of experiences.  We believe in the democratic classroom where child/adult set positive rules that they understand, value and strive to incorporate in the daily routine, not just pertaining to the school environment but to the wider community.  We believe that in offering shared responsibility and engaging in mutuality we starting to create the foundation of a ‘lifestyle’ process.


We believe that a ‘sense of belonging’ is a strong element in producing a life long learner.  Children will be given responsibility and encouraged to share opinions regarding all aspects of the day-to-day workings of the organisation.  Stakeholders will be encouraged to use affirming language e.g., our school, we should, we will etc.  Through offering opportunities for choice, negotiation and input from all parties in decision making the concepts of belonging, playing an important role and caring will promote a sense of affiliation.  We strongly believe in the educational triangle of learning and strive to include parents/guardians in the life of the school and in the education of their child.


The importance of feeling capable is relevant to all the stakeholders in Lislagan Primary School.  We recognise the importance of adaptation, reflection and change in learning and promote the concept of ‘learning to learn’ .  We use an eclectic range of learning styles and strategies for promoting and recognising success and identifying the learning potential of making mistakes.  We strongly believe that the developing of a notion of competence is a vital aspect in nurturing children’s/adults’ feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.


The conjecture that one’s life has meaning and direction and that the journey though the Primary School organisation is a prelude to that future life, is an opportunity for all to:

•  acquire a set of attitudes, beliefs and values;

•  foster an interest and concern for our environment, both locally and on a wider scale,

•  to encourage respect for moral and spiritual values and promote tolerance and

understanding of others.

•  to develop abilities, interests and aptitudes to the fullest extent.

We believe that the above six elements are inextricably linked and when regarded in a holistic package that they form the central core of our Mission Statement  ‘To Make Learning A life Long Habit’.  In facilitating:

•  Knowing what to do – awareness;

•  Knowing how to do it – skill;

•  Knowing why to do it – motivation;

we are creating the climate necessary for the development of intrinsically motivated citizens for the 21st century.