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Lislagan Primary School, Ballymoney


Our topic for this term is the farm.

The children will identify and talk about the different jobs on the farm. They will become more aware of what happens on the farm. They will identify and look in detail at some animals who live on a farm. We will focus on cows and sheep. The children will learn how farming methods have changed over the years. They will discuss and find out what different farm animals produce. The children will learn the process of obtaining wool from sheep.

Literacy Writing
The children will cover narrative, poetry, report and explanation this term.
Narrative – Farmer Duck – The children will be re-enacting the story then re-telling the story in their own words, They will also be writing an alternative ending for the story.
Poetry – Riddles on different farm animals.
Report – The children will write a report on cows and sheep.
Explanation – The children will write an explanation on how we get wool from sheep.
Grammar/Punctuation P3
Full stops/capital letters
Question marks
Nouns/proper nouns
Speech bubbles

Grammar/Punctuation P4
Explanation marks
Commas in a list
Singular and plural nouns - adding s/es, y to ies and f to ves

3D Shape


Creating a poppy field picture
Drawing and painting animals
Scarecrows using wooden spoons and lolly sticks
Split pin animals
Farm scene
Christmas art






29th Jan 2024
Primary 1-4 wrote Santa letters and the Postman was kind enough to run a special...



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P3-4 Miss M Dodwell (Temporary Senior Teacher)
P3-4 Miss M Dodwell (Temporary Senior Teacher)
Mrs B McDowell (Key Stage 1)
Mrs B McDowell (Key Stage 1)
Mrs D Maguire (SEN)
Mrs D Maguire (SEN)